This is us

Brian and Tiffany met at the University of Washington, but pinpointing the exact time is tricky.  Their paths began to intersect immediately through mutual friends from engineering classes, dorm life, Intervarsity, sports, and Hawaii club, but unfortunately neither of them really noticed the other because Tiffany was always studying and Brian was… not studying.

It wasn’t until their fall quarter of junior year, after taking a Human Centered Design class and hanging out with their mutual friends together, that Brian learned Tiffany wasn’t just a nerd, she was silly and sweet. Tiffany learned that Brian wasn’t just a jock, he was thoughtful and clever.  Soon they were bonding over how much they had in common, hanging out together without their friends, and continuing Snapchat streaks over winter break. A few late-night library sessions, parties, and dinner dates later, Brian decided to ask Tiffany to be his girlfriend, and so the adventure began.

Since graduating in 2015, their lives have been a blur of sushi dates, outdoor adventures, and jobs in tech.  Although their relationship could be defined by any of those things, it’s been overcoming a distance that grew from a 2-hour car ride to a 2-hour plane ride that’s been the main challenge.  Brian and Tiffany knew they had a bond that would last and never hesitated to trust each other and make the most of their precious times together.

How he asked

In April 2018, Brian decided to end the distance forever with a surprise proposal at Larrabee State Park.  When Tiffany lived in Bellingham they often visited this park for its serene coastline, gorgeous sunsets, and calming atmosphere.

Brian recruited their friends to help with a proposal plan that included secretly flying to Seattle and leading Tiffany into thinking she was taking “bridesmaid pictures” with her bride-to-be friend at the park.  Brian unexpectedly showed up as their photographer and close friends from all over the country surprised Tiffany as the two finally got engaged. It was a packed and happy weekend of celebration and reunion.

Engagement pictures

In the middle of fall, Brian and Tiffany took engagement pictures at Gold Creek Pond with their photographer Jerome Park.  Here are some highlights: