The Ladies, in the words of Tiffany


Sara Neidenberg

Sara is a generous and loyal friend.  Sara and I have somehow always known and understood what the other was thinking, which is why we were quickly joined at the hip after we met in middle school.  We navigated all of the awkward stages of life together (puberty, braces, school dances) and I always felt like I was a part of the Neidenberg family as they introduced me to new snacks, surfboards, and afternoons at the beach.  Sara always inspires me to work harder, do better, and be kinder.


Serena hu

Serena is a cheerful and witty friend.  We went to middle and high school together but bonded most as roommates during our junior and senior years at UW.  Serena never fails to make me laugh and cheer me on in life. We share a common love for trying new foods (especially sweets, desserts and asian food) and new adventures.  Since Serena was my roommate, she was one of my first close friends to really get to know Brian and I admire that she was always excited to join us as a third wheel.


becca yonashiro

Becca is a humble and thoughtful friend.  I met Becca during my freshman year at UW and she quickly became one of my most precious friends.  We became close as we explored Intervarsity and finding churches together, but became even closer as she taught me how to balance working hard in college and finding time to take care of myself and have fun.  I admire that she is always thinking of her friends’ happiness and well-being (like thoughtfully gifting you your first bible), whether she is a dorm away or an ocean away.


somin kim

Somin is a supportive and selfless friend.  We’ve known each other since middle school and I’ve always known her as someone who makes you feel cared for (especially with yummy homemade Korean food) and cheers you up before you even realized you were feeling down.  She’s constantly living the motto “just be yourself”, meaning she’ll join you on your crazy adventure to the Seattle Wedding Show before you’re even engaged!


natalie kimura

Natalie is a kind-hearted and caring friend. She’s been a constant friend since middle school and has always encouraged friendship gatherings, whether it was in Hawaii or on the mainland.  Despite living in Oregon, Natalie sacrifices long drives or bus to Seattle to visit “the rest of us Kalani girls” for weekends of relaxation, sharing life updates, and thoughtful guidance over large portions of Korean food.  The thing I admire most about Natalie is that she has always chosen to only see the good in others, a constant reminder to do that myself.


sophie chen

Sophie is an energetic and clever friend.  Sophie was my first roommate in Bellingham, WA and we navigated our first couple of years out of college together, living in a small town with not enough Asian food.  Whenever I felt overwhelmed with life in Bellingham, she always gave me the cheerful motivation I needed to persevere. Even after I moved back to Seattle, we’ve never failed to keep in touch and talk for hours about food, plants, relationships, and life.

The Gents, in the words of Brian


Joel Vergara

If you don’t know who Joel is, how well do you really know me?  A mere two minutes my elder, Joel’s my “older” brother who has been by my side for the majority of my life.  Through the highs and lows of growing up, travel, school, sports practices, and countless other activities Joel is the supportive and brilliant confidant I can always and will always rely on.  I know Joel will always have my back and his quiet confidence and pursuit of his passions inspires me as we grow.


brent nakagawa

Brent and I met walking through the quad during UW orientation and quickly formed a lasting bond over the San Francisco Giants.  Our shared experiences of navigating college courses, parties, intramural sports, and apartment living have shaped me into the person I am today.  Brent is passionate, generous, and steadfast. He will never hesitate to push me harder or give support without questions or complaints.


Chris fitch

I met Chris in my first period of middle school and the kid with the huge backpack in that french class quickly became one of my closest friends.  From our early days of Star Wars Battlefront, driveway soccer, and South Park, Chris has always pursued and shared his passions and I’m grateful for all the laughs we’ve had over the years.  He is a loyal, positive, and open friend that I can always count on to have a good time.


ethan gates

Ethan has been a very close friend since our middle school sports days and through the years we’ve tackled ski trips, road trips, dinner parties, and countless late night hangouts.  I appreciate Ethan’s hospitality and the way his friends turn into family that are always welcome. Smart, thoughtful, and practical, Ethan will always remain a companion on adventures and a trustworthy friend I can go to for anything.


daniel lew

I met Daniel on the first day of college and since then we’ve bonded over all things sports, a shared love for the great state of California, and our similar upbringings.  Many shared college and post college adventures have made Daniel a friend that I can always talk and relate to. He is an earnest, caring, and easy going friend that I’m happy to have in my life and complain about Seattle weather to.


aaron leong

Aaron’s been a close friend since the 7th grade.  Through countless after school hangouts, tennis practices, and meals out I’ve come to know him as a gifted, witty, sincere, and honest friend.  Our trips to the east coast, the backwoods of Kentucky, and all over Japan will remain highlights for a long time. We’ve grown a lot together over the years and Aaron will always be someone I can rely on to share life’s ups and downs with.